Frequently Asked Questions

What is metallic paper?

Metallic is an ultra-glossy paper with a metallic finish.  It provides rich colours and a sharp finish; images can almost look three-dimensional. 


How large are digital files?

Exact dimensions are provided in the ordering process, but roughly speaking "Personal" images are medium resolution, sufficient to print a 5x7 (one size larger than "normal" prints).  "Commercial" images are high-resolution, printable to poster size.

Please note that "Personal" images may not be used for commercial purposes.


I am having problems downloading a digital file.

Make sure that pop-up windows are allowed.  Also check if anti-virus software is interfering; particularly if you are using a corporate network. 


There is an option to register* my details on your site; should I?

*This refers specifically to the "register" option at the top right of the page.

In short, probably not unless requested. Also see below. 


What will you do with the details that I provide?

We will use them to fulfill your order and if necessary we may contact you to resolve any problems.

Some galleries also have specific discounts or special offers and we may email you to provide details.

Beyond this, nothing.  This site exists to facilitate orders, not collect data.